Supreme Court refuses to hear RIM's case

Jan 23 2006 - 11:40 AM ET | Research In Motion

The US Supreme Court officially refused to hear Research In Motion's patent infringement case with NTP. While RIM has won every part of the case with the patent office (the USPTO has denied every claim by NTP after preliminary review of the patents), the company has had little luck in the court room.

There is still a chance the court will issue an injunction to ban the sale of BlackBerry in the US, though other parts of the Federal government have noted this would be a significant risk since many of the government's emergency response teams use the email devices.

The Wall Street Journal notes [sub. req] that the court will hear a similar case that includes internet giant eBay:

The Supreme Court is separately hearing an appeal involving eBay Inc. over the standards of patent-related injunctions like the one NTP wants issued against its competitor. RIM doesn't raise this issue in its appeal to the Supreme Court, but the outcome of the injunction issue could have a bearing on the BlackBerry case.