BT, Virgin and Microsoft to do mobile TV

Feb 13 2006 - 11:56 AM ET | 3G, Backpage, In The News, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone

The TimesOnline is carrying a story that BT, Virgin and Microsoft are announcing a Mobile TV alliance.

The three will announce a digital TV service for mobile phones at the 3GSM Congress in Barcelona. This is just one of the alliances to be announced at the congress, as providers and vendors start posturing to be the leader in what is considered to be the next big thing. Though Virgin and Microsoft's involvement are obvious, the partnering of BT should help to avoid capacity problems that can plague high bandwidth services.

Virgin Mobile expects at least five programs to be available by summer, and it is expected that programming will run over the UK's already established Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) network.

Currently, Vodafone offers a similar service with programming provided by BSkyB, and by Orange, who also offers 3G television to it's subscribers.