Virgin Mobile USA's "Inner Circle"

Feb 14 2006 - 02:09 PM ET | Backpage, MVNO, Virgin Mobile

Virgin mobile has announced two new packages for their Mobile services in the U.S..

First up is a new service called "Inner Circle". Essentially this package is aimed at teens to enable unlimited nights and weekends calling to three phone numbers. The set of three numbers can be changed twice a month, and the numbers can be any phone line, including land lines. Virgin Mobile is advertising the cost as less than $0.70 a day.

In addition to "Inner Circle", Virgin Mobile has also released a 'Listen Line". Listen Line is a new service billed as "a way to get great content using their unlimited Nights & Weekend minutes". By calling the number 888-876-LISTEN (888-876-5478) customers are connected to a range of content including "History by Dwayne" and "Hard Core Nursery Rhymes."

These new options are offered in addition to Virgin Mobiles "Month2Month" Nights & Weekends package launched last year. Month2Month allows customers to move up pricing/minute tiers as they run out of minutes, avoiding expensive per minute overage charges. Customers start each month at Level 1 with 150 anytime minutes, then if they go over, the customer is automatically moved up a tier for an additional $10.00, until they exceed 250 minutes, then they get unlimited Nights & Weekends for $49.99.