GlobeTrotter GT MAX, tri-band HSDPA / 3G UMTS Wireless Data Card

Feb 13 2006 - 10:22 AM ET | 3G, Backpage, Data

Option N.V. the wireless technology company, today has announcement the GlobeTrotter GT MAX, a tri-band HSDPA / 3G UMTS Wireless Data Card.

"The GlobeTrotter GT MAX is has a multi-band flip-out integrated antenna design meaning that GT MAX once inserted in a laptop may be operated by simply deploying the flip out antenna. For ease and convenience the antenna is retracted for briefcase or laptop carrier bag transport without the need to remove the wireless data card from the laptop."

"In addition to the innovative antenna design the GlobeTrotter GT MAX is the world’s first wireless data card supporting all of the commercial HSDPA/3G UMTS networks available today. The GT MAX features Tri-band HSDPA/3G UMTS on 850/1900 & 2100 MHz bands as well as Quad band EDGE/GPRS on 850/900/1800 & 1900 bands."

The GlobeTrotter GT MAX will start shipping this quarter.

This is the card mentioned in the Cingular release earlier.