NTP vs Research In Motion showdown preview

Feb 23 2006 - 04:38 PM ET | In The News, Research In Motion

UPDATE: Our coverage of the hearing is in progress.

Tomorrow morning at 9AM ET, NTP Inc will and Research In Motion will meet for a remand hearing before the US District Court in Virginia. Judge James Spencer will preside and may decide whether or not to enforce an injunction that will ban the sale and operation of BlackBerry service in the US. A final ruling isn't guaranteed, but Judge Spencer has hinted that it will likely come shortly after the hearing (we've heard within a week).

If the injunction does go through, RIM has a backup plan in place to modify software on its handhelds for over 3 million US customers. Some have expressed doubt over the plan because such a widespread software change on mobile handsets is unprecedented.

Just yesterday the US Patent and Trademark Office gave an official rejection to one of the patents RIM was infringing on. The other patents have all been preliminarily rejected, but Judge Spencer has previously been unwilling to wait for the USPTO.

MobileTracker will continue to follow this story closely and update as news breaks. For more information about the ongoing legal battle between RIM and NTP, see our archives.