NTP vs. RIM hearing coverage, no injunction today

Feb 24 2006 - 10:14 AM ET | Research In Motion

rim logoIn this morning's remand hearing, NTP asked the court for $126 million in damages, in addition to undetermined royalties, and an immediate injunction of services in the US. "The world, we suggest, will not come to an end," said James Wallace, attorney.

NTP has also outlined its suggestions to U.S. District Judge James Spencer for how an injunction might be implemented: 30 days to give RIM time to work with its customers to enable a work around and exemptions to Federal, State, and Local Governments, including "first responders".

RIM responded with a request for a new trial, because of claims that were thrown out by a Federal court. Insiders also believe that a new trial would benefit RIM because the US Patent and Trademark Office has moved to reject all of the infringed upon patents.

There are about 3.2 million Blackberry users in the U.S. who could be affected by an enforced injunction. RIM’s (RIMM) stock is getting lift, especially after the second patent rejection.

Coming in late, it appears that the US Patent and Trademark office has offered a final rejection for a second NTP patent.

The judge did not decide on the case today, a ruling is expected next week. He did however urge the two companies to settle, hinting at a possible injunction grant soon. “In plain words, the case should have been settled, but it hasn’t so I have to deal with that reality.”