Motorola Q1 2006 earnings

Apr 19 2006 - 11:28 AM ET | Motorola

Motorola reported its first quarter 2006 earnings statement yesterday. Once again the handset maker was able to increase its marketshare, this time almost 5 percentage points. The RAZR continues to be a hot seller, but the company didn't break down sales by model. But the quarter only saw a handful of Motorola handset announcements, much fewer than in most quarters and than Motorola's competitors.

Key figures from the release (all comparisons are year-over-year):

  • Mobile devices posted $6.4 billion in revenue (up 45%)
  • Operating earnings for mobile devices hit $702 million (up 60%)
  • Shipped 46.1 million handsets (up 61%)
  • Global marketshare estimated at 21%, up 4.8%. China, India and Africa all had very strong marketshare increases.
  • Launched six new handsets: 2GSM, 3CDMA and one iDEN