Kansas city proposes complete ban of phones in cars

Jun 01 2006 - 11:12 PM ET | In The News

Lawmakers in Lawrence, Kansas will soon vote on a proposed law to restrict usage of cell phones by drivers. It would be the most strict legislation of its kind in the country. Other cities that have cell phone laws on the books still allow drivers to use a hands-free unit, the Lawerence proposition has no such exception. Proponents say research shows it's not the action of holding a phone that distracts drivers, but the actual conversation they are having.

Mobile carriers are obviously opposed:

“We would certainly oppose a complete ban,” Jamie Hastings, director of government affairs for T-Mobile USA, previously told the Journal-World. “We think there are distractions just as great. I suppose if you also want to ban McDonald’s coffee and kids in the back seat, then we wouldn’t oppose it.”