Nokia announces podcast app for N91

Jun 21 2006 - 12:17 PM ET | Backpage, Nokia

Nokia has announced a podcast application for its N91 music phone. The free (in beta) app lets you find and download both audio and video podcasts, even without the need of a computer. Since the N91 sports WiFi it can directly download large files without incurring data charges. It's also possible to sync podcasts from a PC to the N91.

The Nokia Podcasting Application also allows you to play previews while tracks are downloading, download multiple podcasts simultaneously, and even multi-task while downloading in the background. Also, you can personalize the application by adding new podcasts and directories, share and import OMPL files, and interact via mobile Internet links to add comments to podcasters blogs or websites. Podcasts downloaded from the PC can also be transferred to the mobile device.

The Nokia podcasting application is available now as a free download.