Energizer Energi comes to Sprint

Jul 31 2006 - 10:20 AM ET | Accessories, Sprint Nextel

Energizer's portable electronic charging concept has been picked up to be sold nationwide in Sprint stores. Dubbed Energizer Energi, the gadget charges a cell phone from one AA battery. Coming as no surprise, the company suggests using its high-end e2 Lithium line of batteries, but any kind of AA will work. Other versions of the device will be made to charge things like an iPod. Sprint's version has three adapter tips which enable it to charge 80% of Sprint's PCS and iDEN handsets.

The amount of charge gotten off of one AA depends on the phone model, but most phones should be able to make or receive a call in as little as 30 seconds after being hooked up. Look for Energizer Energi at Sprint stores starting today, it sells for $24.99.

MobileTracker has reviewed a similar (but less flexible) product called CellBoost. Unlike Energi, CellBoost is one time use and is not able to work off of conventional power sources like AAs.