Helio dumps contracts for MySpace users

Aug 07 2006 - 04:26 PM ET | MVNO

helio logoHelio has launched a new promotion for MySpace users that does away with service contracts and allows customers to sign up with, "No strings attached". Helio is a partnership between Earthlink and SK Telecom, but has failed to attract many subscribers since its launch in May. Other competing MVNOs have all had the same problem.

The MySpace promotion is available to any of the website's nearly 100m members and ties into Helio thanks to the exclusive mobile version of MySpace that is available through Helio.

Even without a contract, pricing for handsets stays the same. The Pantech Hero costs $275 while VK Mobile's Kickflip costs $200. Service plans vary from $65 to $135 monthly (all plans include unlimited data and messaging).

[via EngadgetMobile]