T-Mobile myFaves, unlimted calling to 5 numbers

Oct 01 2006 - 06:17 PM ET | T-Mobile

As expected, T-Mobile has introduced myFaves, a new calling plan that borrows from Alltel's My Circle plan. With myFaves customers can pick any 5 domestic phone numbers to receive unlimited calling with. The numbers can be changed up to once a month and can be on any wireless or wireline operator. Alltel's plan covers up to 10 numbers, but the lowest cost plan is significantly more expensive than on T-Mobile.

T-Mobile's new myFaves enhanced plans start at $39.99 per month and come in both individual and family plan formats. For family plans each member can choose their own top 5 numbers. With myFaves there is no more free in-network mobile-to-mobile calling. While not currently a feature, T-Mobile plans to introduce an online billing analyzer to show customers who their top 5 contacts are by actual minutes billed.

Along with the myFaves introduction, T-Mobile USA has started to brand "stick together", even attaching the phrase to its logo. As was reported earlier, it appears Catherine Zeta-Jones is no longer part of T-Mobile's myFaves list, new advertisements for the company will not feature the Welsh beauty.