RIM sues Samsung over BlackJack name

Dec 12 2006 - 07:57 PM ET | Research In Motion, Samsung

Research In Motion is no stranger to frivolous lawsuits (or paying $600 million to end them), but this time the company is on the other side of the courtroom. RIM is suing rival Samsung over the Korean company's hot new BlackJack smartphone. RIM is claiming the name BlackJack is too close to BlackBerry and will confuse consumers. Samsung and Cingular are currently financing a huge marketing push for the BlackJack.

The Samsung BlackJack is a Windows Mobile QWERTY smartphone recently launched by Cingular. Cingular of course also carries several BlackBerry models, including the sleek new Pearl.

RIM is seeking an injunction to bar the sale of the BlackJack. Neither of the companies would issue a statement about the litigation.