Cingular teams up with MySpace

Dec 18 2006 - 01:08 PM ET | Cingular, Data

myspace logoCingular has teamed up with MySpace to provide a mobile version of the popular social networking site. In a relatively unique move for a free website, MySpace Mobile will be made available to Cingular customers through a Java application for $2.99 per month. Cingular has an exclusive on the app for several months, but it should debut on other national carriers next year.

Most of the popular features on MySpace are accessable through the application including: messaging, posting comments and blog entries, uploading photos, viewing friends and searching for new friends. Cingular customers can get the app starting today by text messaging "myspace" to 386 (FUN). The billing rate is $2.99 monthly plus standard data usage rates.

MySpace had an exclusive agreement with Helio but was widely expected to branch out its mobile offerings. Features of Cingular's MySpace partnership are similar to Helio's, but Cingular is using an application instead of WAP.