Wirefly announces top phones of 2006

Jan 10 2007 - 07:05 PM ET | Backpage

Wirefly has released a list of their top selling phones for the year of 2006. Unsurprisingly the Motorola RAZR topped the list. However there are some surprises:

  1. Cingular RAZR by Motorola (in various colors)
  2. T-Mobile RAZR (in various colors)
  3. Verizon Wireless RAZR (in various colors)
  4. Cingular Sony Ericsson z520a/z525a video phones
  5. T-Mobile Motorola v360
  6. Verizon Wireless Motorola v276
  7. Sprint Nextel Motorola i850
  8. Sprint Nextel Motorola i710
  9. Cingular Motorola v220
  10. T-Mobile Samsung T309