Vodafone launches McLaren Mercedes handsets

Jan 18 2007 - 04:44 PM ET | Samsung, Sharp, Vodafone

samsung-Z720-mercedes.jpgVodafone has launched three new special edition handsets branded by the McLaren Mercedes. Vodafone is the sponsor of the McLaren Mercedes team in the upcoming Formula 1 season and is hoping the new handsets build buzz for the team. Special edition (new color schemes especially) and cross-branded handsets are hot right now.

The three new McLaren branded handsets are:

  • McLaren Mercedes 770SH - 3G clamshell from Sharp
  • McLaren Mercedes GX29 - 2G clamshell from Sharp
  • McLaren Mercedes SGH-Z720M - this is the Samsung Ultra Edition

Racing phones aren't new, Nextel launched NASCAR themed handsets in the US market about three years ago.