Kyocera's New BREW

Apr 28 2003 - 10:39 AM ET | Kyocera
Kyocera today announced plans to become the first manufacturer to offer entry-tier, affordable BREW-enabled CDMA phones with enhanced color displays that use software to emulate 16-bit, 65,000-color performance. The new BREW-enabled versions of the phone are collectively known as Kyocera's KX400 Series. For non-mobile-geeks, BREW is Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless. Basically a technology that lets you download and run small software applications on your phone. It's neat. Update: We got word from Kyocera that the color simulation mentioned in the news release is simply dithering. It's the same technology that Palm uses on their m515 handheld. Simply put there are just 4,000 seperate colors but the dithering engine intersperses pixels of different colors to simulate 65,000 colors.