Cingular launches MMS

Oct 11 2003 - 07:14 PM ET | Cingular
cingular.gifCingular Wireless has launched MMS service for its customers with supported phones (most modern GSM models). The company states that the new service will allow its customers to, "shoot and add photos, text, graphics, music, video and voice to send "living" messages instantly to virtually any e-mail address or mobile phone." The pricing is pretty straightforward... Until Jan. 11, 2004, unlimited MMS messaging costs $2.99 per month. After the 11th it goes to a more standard pricing scheme: * $0.25 per message, no monthly charge * $2.99 per month; 20 messages, $0.25 per additional message * $4.99 per month; 40 messages, $0.20 per additional message