Sprint PCS launches coast-to-coast PTT

Nov 17 2003 - 08:48 AM ET | Push-to-talk, Sprint Nextel
10_23.jpgSprint PCS today announced its long rumored push-to-talk serviced dubbed PCS ReadyLink. It's a nation wide walkie-talkie like service akin to Nextel DirectConnect. Currently the service is only available on two phones, the Sanya RL2000 and the Sanyo RL2500. Both retail for $299, but can be found for cheaper after rebate. Pricing is simple--if you don't have unlimited PCS Vision, PCS ReadyLink will cost you $15 a month for unlimited use. If you have unlimited PCS Vision, unlimited PCS ReadyLink costs just $5 a month. There are no other levels besides unlimited service. Expect to see a huge advertising blitz on this leading up to November 24th.