N-Gage 2 at E3 rumors mount

Mar 04 2004 - 01:08 PM ET | Nokia
Talk of the N-Gage 2 debuting at E3 this May has started. The Nokia handset hasn't sold nearly as well as expected and has even spawned some rather entertaining websites [example]. One of the developers of Doom, John Romero, spilled a few details in a recent interview (translated from Russian): bq. "According to Romero's words the new NGage lets you talk by phone holding the device either way - with the narrow side or the flat panel to your face. Using a console of his own John Romero even showed to the reporter the way it goes. bq. The next version of NGage feels comfy in your hands, Romero said, because of the device's lesser size and thickness. And that is very important in case you would like to send a short message. bq. It also became handy to remove the cartridge - by flipping the back cover." In related news, the UK banned a recent ad campaign for the N-Gage due to complaints.