DealTracker: Nokia 6600, Motorola V300, more

Jun 17 2004 - 05:59 PM ET | Bargain
Here are a few deals that readers have sent in. If you're looking for a new phone, consider these options. * Nokia 6600 - $49.99 - T-Mobile - Huge rebates from Amazon, the phone lists for $399. For more info on the Nokia 6600, click here for a listing of everything we've posted about it. * Motorola V300 - -$50 - T-Mobile - Another phone with a lot of Amazon rebates, the phone sells for $200 (and yes, that is minus $50--you get money back). Read our review of the Motorola V300 for more information. * Sony Ericsson T637 - $200 - AT&T Wireless - A newer phone for AT&T Wireless, there is a $70 rebate. The T637 was launched in March 2003 and is the replacement for the T616.