Danger partners with Sharp (for Sidekick 2?)

Jul 23 2004 - 03:30 AM ET | Danger, Sharp
Danger has inked a deal with Sharp to, "produce a yet-to-be unveiled Danger device in time for the Christmas shopping season." Since the only device that Danger sells is the HipTop (marketed in the US as the T-Mobile Sidekick), it is safe to assume that this upcoming device is actually the highly anticipated Sidekick 2. MobileTracker analysis: Rumor has it that the Sidekick 2 is coming out on T-Mobile USA in August, but that sounds a little too early to be a part of this deal. Since phones have a way of being delayed--especially phones on US carriers--we wouldn't be surprised to see a Sidekick 2 made by Sharp to start selling in September/November.