Danger CEO interviewed, talks Sidekick II

Sep 07 2004 - 03:22 AM ET | Danger
Our friends at Engadget have an interview with Hank Nothhaft, CEO of Danger (makers of the T-Mobile Sidekick). In the interview, Mr. Nothhaft discusses the details of the Sidekick II which is expected to be shipping this month. Danger has used a fairly tested (but uncommon in high-tech) marketing strategy--give celebs the toys first. Hollywood has been using the Sidekick II for several weeks now, and all the while having paparazzi taking pictures of it. One of the most interesting questions of the interview had to do with what mobile device Mr. Nothhaft would buy if it wasn't from his own company: bq. Probably a Motorola for a voice phone, and a decent data-oriented device like a Blackberry, but thatís got limited Web browsing, or the Treo, but its keyboard is so small, so I might have to go upstream to an iPaq.