T-Mobile / Danger announce end of Sidekick outage

Mar 12 2005 - 02:37 PM ET | Danger
T-Mobile USA and Danger have officially announced the end of a server problem that left Sidekick users without data access for several days. Customers that called during the outage were given a $5 credit, but since the outage outlasted original estimates, T-Mobile is giving everyone (not just those who called) a $20 credit. In an email sent to Sidekick customers, T-Mobile apologizes and in addition to the $20 credit hints at free content downloads coming soon. The full text of this email is available below. For background on the Sidekick outage, please read our previous reports here and here. Dear Valued Sidekick User: T-Mobile USA and Danger, Inc., developer of the hiptop wireless solution that powers the T-Mobile Sidekick, confirm that full service has been restored. As such, you can effectively use the e-mail, Web and Instant Messaging (IM) functions on your device as you normally do. We sincerely apologize for this interruption in your Sidekick service. In recognition of the inconvenience, we will be providing you with a $20 credit on your next bill. Additionally, to thank you for your loyalty, we will launch a "Customer Appreciation" Section in the Download Fun Catalog in the very near future. In this new section, you will be able to access great new content - free! We will e-mail you with details when they become available. Once again, thank you for being a loyal T-Mobile Sidekick customer, Your T-Mobile Sidekick Team