Sidekick 2 in Newsweek

Jul 29 2004 - 06:19 PM ET | Danger, Rumor, T-Mobile
Danger and T-Mobile's Sidekick 2 is featured the August 2nd edition of NewsWeek. The price quoted is $229 which is $20 cheaper than the suggest retail price of the still selling Sidekick. The NewsWeek feature is the first actual published information about the phone. MobileTracker noted that the Sidekick 2 was approved by the FCC in June. A prototype was pictured, but the Newsweek photo is a T-Mobile branded unit. Sharp is likely making the new device. Like our exclusive story earlier this week on the NEC 535, magazines have lead times that sometimes reveal products before launch. However, NewsWeek has a smaller lead time (it's weekly) than Wired (it's monthly). We should expect to see the Sidekick 2 be announced very soon. Update: The grape vine says this article was early... So it still may be a few weeks before we see the Sidekick 2. [Via Steven Frank]