Cingular recalling V600s

Aug 08 2004 - 02:18 PM ET | Cingular, Motorola
Cingular Wireless is recalling Motorola V600s, replacing them with a loaner Motorola V400 (nearly the same phone but without Bluetooth) for an unknown period of time. MobileTracker noted late last month that Cingular halted sales of the V600. Here are the details: * If you are a Cingular V600 customer, call 800.201.6235 * If you are part of the recall (most likely you will be), they will ship out a V400 and you must ship your V600 in within 14 days of receiving the V400 * You will get your phone back sometime in September The phones are going to get new hardware in the area of antenna/reception. It is not clear if we will see the Motorola V600 back in new-activation action from Cingular once the fix is made.