Motorola A630 release close?

Sep 23 2004 - 03:04 PM ET | Motorola, Rumor, T-Mobile
Motorola A630The word on the street is that T-Mobile is very close to releasing the Motorola A630. In a rumor report from August, MobileTracker reported that the Motorola A630 would likely be seen from T-Mobile in September. This claim is supported by the latest rebate form from is offering a $175 rebate on the A630. The rebate is effective starting today and lasts through October 6th. A copy of this form is available after the jump. A search on the website for the Motorola A630 at the time of this posting currently comes up blank. As is a search on T-Mobile's website. Our last mention of the A630 was late last month when it showed up on T-Mobile's homepage, though that image has since been cropped to remove the A630. Cingular Wireless is also rumored to be picking up this phone. UPDATE: has started pre-sales of the Motorola A630. Link to Amazon here, link to our story about it here. Click thumbnail to view full size Amazon rebate form