Nokia 7710 boasts TV features

Oct 04 2004 - 12:47 PM ET | Nokia
We have been covering Nokia 7710 rumors for a few weeks--Just last week a large picture set of the unannounced phone was leaked onto the internet, along with more detailed specs. Today Reuters jumps on the bandwagon and adds more fuel to the fire: bq. Nokia is set to unveil another attempt at a mobile phone designed for television and video, which is thinner and lighter than its predecessor which never made it to the market, a source said on Monday.

The Nokia 7710 media device will be launched at a company event in Monaco next month, exactly one year after Nokia first showed a phone designed for television, video and other entertainment. The predecessor Reuters mentions is of course the failed Nokia 7700. It was never sold due to lack of demand (thanks mostly to its large size). The Nokia 7710 is a Series 90 device with some impressive features: * 64MB internal memory * SD card slot * EDGE high-speed data * 640320 pixel 65K color screen * Megapixel camera * Bluetooth Pricing info has not been leaked, but we expect the 7710 will cost over $800.