High memory SIM cards

Oct 19 2004 - 04:53 PM ET | Staff Picks
Om Malik is excited about M-Systems, an Israeli company with a big idea for the common SIM card (the card that ships with all GSM phone, holding numbers and identifying the phone number)--put lots of memory on them! It's hard to believe this hasn't happend yet, but adding lots of memory to a SIM card would be an easy way to add 256MB of memory to mobile phones, without adding any size. Combine this with a memory slot and you have an easy 512MB-1GB on the go. bq. MegaSIM acts like any standard SIM card and can be integrated without the need for redesigns or complicated hardware integration. It can be used by all 2G and 3G GSM service providers for user identification and authentication and to store phone settings and numbers. it is one of those ideas, which makes you wonder why didn't someone think of it earlier.