SanDisk, Motorola shrink memory cards

Feb 26 2004 - 05:29 PM ET | In The News
PCWorld's Peter Sayer has a piece on a new memory card from SanDisk / Motorola that makes the miniSD seem big. bq. "At around.5 inches by.4 inches in size, the new cards are smaller than the current champion of miniaturization, the miniSD card, announced less than a year ago. By comparison, miniSD cards measure.8 inches by.7 inches, and weigh about.04 ounces." Right now the cards max out at 32MB, but are expected to reach 512MB. To put things in perspective, these memory cards about half the size of a SIM card found in a GSM phone. The Motorola A1000 will be able to make use of the yet un-named format.