SanDisk announces 2GB M2 cards

Jan 08 2007 - 06:07 PM ET | Backpage, CES

CES 2007 -- SanDisk has announced a 2GB Memory Stick Micro M2 card, the largest in the industry. The new format is being used by several Sony Ericsson music phones but not much else. The company will also sell 1GB and 512MB M2 cards.

M2 cards are exceedingly small, but not the smallest (that's microSD or what used to be called TransFlash).

M2 measures 0.59" (L) x 0.49" (W) x 0.05" (H), making it the second smallest flash memory media in the world, behind the microSD, which SanDisk pioneered.

Suggested U.S. retail pricing: 2GB - $119.99, 1GB - $54.99, 512MB - $44.99.