Verizon Wireless testing consumer level EV-DO

Nov 26 2004 - 03:37 PM ET | Verizon Wireless
According to Verizon Wireless Info, Verizon Wireless is now in a trial for a simplified consumer oriented EV-DO data plan called Mobile Media. Currently the only EV-DO data plan is unlimited use for laptops (via a PCMCIA card). The $15 a month Mobile Media plan will be available with the LG VX8000 and is likely to become publicly available in January. bq. The package includes unlimited data usage, the VZW Wap Gateway and Homepage, and access to Mobile Media, Verizon's new streaming video service on 3GPP phones. EV-DO provides broadband speed over a wireless connection. MobileTracker will be posting a review of BroadbandAccess (Verizon's unlimited access laptop based EV-DO) very soon. [via Engadget]