Cingular set to launch BlackBerry 7100g

Jan 03 2005 - 01:31 PM ET | Cingular, Research In Motion, Rumor
UPDATE: Cingular BlackBerry 7100g now available for just $149.99! 7100g.jpg
As of 02/10/05 this rumor is official.
While originally planned for AT&T Wireless, it appears Cingular is set to launch Research In Motion's BlackBerry 7100g. The 7100g is very similar to the BlackBerry 7100t, an exclusive to T-Mobile USA. Research In Motion is branding a standard device to make a carrier "exclusive". Vodafone has the 7100v. Rumors of the BlackBerry 7100g have been floating in online message boards for months, but lately have gotten more specific. The latest estimates have the 7100g launching in January. Enhanced network selection will be a feature of the 7100g on Cingular and may have contributed to its launch delay. The BlackBerry 7100X series is the first device line from Research In Motion that does not include a QWERTY keyboard. The device appears much more phone like than past BlackBerry units. Here are the features: * Innovative 20-character keyboard (includes predictive text engine called SureType) * 240x260 pixel display with 65,000 colors * Bluetooth * speakerphone * Yahoo! IM, AOL IM and ICQ