Nokia intros Series 60 3rd Edition

Feb 14 2005 - 05:05 AM ET | Nokia, Smartphone
At 3GSM World Congress this morning, Nokia introduced the third edition of its Series 60 platform. The Series 60 3rd Edition, which runs on Symbian OS 9, will be available for licensees in mid-2005. Some of the new features: * New music player (includes OMA Digital Rights Management) * USB mass memory storage that will allow the phone to function as a USB memory stick * High-quality multimedia rendering * New security framework Background on the smartphone market and details of the new security features are available below. The global smartphone market is currently experiencing rapid growth. Nokia will have shipped approximately 20 million Series 60 based devices by the end of February and estimates the overall smartphone market in 2005 to exceed 50 million units. In 2008, Nokia expects the smartphone market to be around 25 percent of the total mobile device market. The new security framework offers better protection for business critical data and provides a more secure and trusted application development and business environment. The Series 60 3rd Edition also includes significant improvements in many business critical platform features, such as calendar, synchronization and device management. These, together with the new security framework, enable licensees to build more versatile and robust enterprise grade mobile devices.