Nokia updates on N-Series, E-Series availability

Apr 03 2006 - 10:47 AM ET | Nokia

Nokia went on record about the shipping delays its had with six handsets: N91, N71, N80, E60, E61 and E71. While all the phones have been announced and supposed to be shipping, the mobile phone giant has encountered software issues that have kept the phones from shipping.

The first launch will take place and be the N91, Nokia's flagship music phone that sports a 4GB hard drive. It was originally slated for a Q4 2005 launch.

The N71 and N80 should begin shipping later this month. Nokia's business themed E-Series was supposed to debut last month, but the company wouldn't commit to a new time frame. Priority will be given to the E61 though, Nokia's competition to the Motorola Q (which has had its own series of delays).