Sony Ericsson to debut 'Walkman phones'

Feb 14 2005 - 04:36 PM ET | Sony Ericsson
3GSM World Congress -- Sony Ericsson announced that it will soon debut a series of "Walkman" mobile phones. Earlier the company said music will be the focus of its 2005 line up (as opposed to cameras in 2004). Many phones available today can play MP3s and other music formats, but music playback on phones hasn't caught on because there is no good way to listen. The Sony Ericsson walkman phones will hope to solve this: bq. The new Walkman phones, which will be available early in the second half of 2005, will have large memory, good quality headphones and the ability to easily import tracks from a personal computer and other devices.

The Walkman phones will also be the first networked Walkmans to use open software standards for compression and piracy protection.