Motorola Q1 2005: record mobile sales

Apr 20 2005 - 05:22 PM ET | Motorola
Motorola had a great Q1 according to their financial statement that was released today. The mobile unit saw record first-quarter unit shipments, sales and operating earnings. Here are the details: * 28.7 million cell phones shipped, an increase of 13% over the same quarter last year. This gives Motorola an estimated 17.1% global market share, behind market leader Nokia. Motorola widened the gap between itself and Samsung, the third largest handset maker. Samsung reported sales of 24.5 million units in Q1. * Total sales for all divisions in the quarter were $8.16 billion, an increase of 10%. Interestingly enough, the press release cited that Motorola announced 27 new mobile devices in the quarter, including the ROKR--the rumored iTunes phone that has not been announced. Here's the statement: bq. The company announced 27 new mobile devices during the quarter, including new "must-haves" for later in 2005 such as SLVR, PEBL and ROKR. UPDATE: Financial Times notes that Motorola's CEO Ed Zander noted today that the iTunes phone should ship in, "The next few months". BusinessWeek still believes this phone will never make it to mass market, noting that Sprint and Verizon Wireless aren't excited.