Motorola Q3 2005

Oct 20 2005 - 01:39 PM ET | Motorola

It's earnings time again, Motorola recently announced their third quarter 2005 figures. Quite impressive is the market share gains thanks to the still hot RAZR. The single phone model has sold over 12 million units to date, of which over 6.5 million were in the third quarter alone!

Important numbers of the quarter (all comparisons are year-over-year):

  • Revenue: $9.42B - up 26%
  • Operating earnings: $597 million - up 52%
  • 38.7 million handsets were shipped, up 66%
  • Motorola's phone market share hit 19%, up 5%

Motorola is still well behind Nokia in terms of global marketshare, but it has increased its lead on Samsung.