LG VX9800 specs leak from FCC

Apr 22 2005 - 05:45 PM ET | LG Mobile Phone, Rumor
UPDATE: The LG VX9800 has been announced by Verizon Wireless and it will begin shipping on October 1st 2005 lg-vx9800.jpgPhotos and specifications surrounding the LG VX9800 have been made public by the FCC. The VX9800 appears to be very similar to the Motorola A630 and LG's own F9100. Features include: * Full QWERTY keyboard * EV-DO high-speed data * 320x256 pixel screen * 1.3 megapixel camera with flash * Mini SD Just like the Motorola A630, the VX9800 sports a numeric keypad on the front of the phone. The body of the phone flips open to reveal a larger screen and QWERTY keyboard.