Sprint Nextel to launch music download service

Aug 17 2005 - 01:46 AM ET | Sprint Nextel
Sprint Nextel is expected to launch a music download service during the fourth quarter, this according to a company executive. While downloads from desktop services like the iTunes Music Store have proven to be successful, it remains to be seen if consumers will purchase music while on the go. bq. [COO] Len Lauer also said Sprint Nextel would have a music service in time for the winter holiday shopping season. It plans to sell wireless song downloads at prices above Apple Computer Inc.'s popular iTunes music service, which charges 99 cents a song.

"Customers are paying $2 for a shortened version of a song for a ringtone. Will they pay the same for a full song, having the convenience of having it on (a cellphone)? I think they will," said Lauer. Consumers with phones that include Bluetooth or memory card slots are able to load their phones up with songs they already own (though music purchased from the iTunes music store will not work, that is until the upcoming iTunes phones from Motorola ship). Lauer didn't mention if the pricey songs would be able to be transfered to the desktop.