Sprint announces one millionth song download

Feb 15 2006 - 12:25 PM ET | Sprint Nextel

Today Sprint Nextel announce that the Sprint Music Store has surpassed its one millionth song download. Sprint is the first mobile provider to cross this milestone, but it was also the first to the market. Verizon's competing service just launched in January. The Sprint news release also didn't break down the figures to show how many of the million downloads were paid and how many were part of promotions (they were giving away five downloads to spur interest).

Sprint opened its "Sprint Music Store" on Oct, 24th 2005, and achieved one million songs downloaded in roughly four months. Individual songs are priced at $2.50 which is a large premium over the $.99 level that Apple sells songs for on the iTunes Music Store. Apple is currently counting down to a milestone of its own, 1 billion song downloads.

MobileTracker recently posted a comparison review between the Sprint Music Store and Verizon Wireless V Cast Music.