TheStreet: short on Palm, long on RIM

Sep 11 2005 - 11:25 PM ET | Palm, Research In Motion

TheStreet posted an interview this weekend with renown short-seller Jim Chanos. Chanos was one of the first to short Enron among other major business bluffs. The interviewer asked Chanos about both Palm (maker of the Treo) and Research In Motion (maker of BlackBerry).

About Palm:

We're short Palm right now, based on the Treo Smartphones. It's a nifty product, but that's all they have.

And on RIM:

I'm not short RIMM because RIMM has its own system in the BlackBerry. If the system does become the standard, you've got a monster on your hands.

With the sale of PalmSource to Access and rumors of a Windows Mobile powered next-gen Treo, Palm's future looks to be interesting.