Motorola inks major emerging markets deal

Sep 27 2005 - 04:04 PM ET | Motorola

At the 3GSM Asia show in Singapore, Motorola announced a major agreement with the GSM Association to supply six million low-cost phones to emerging markets. As part of the deal Motorola is expanding its C-series of phones with more options. The following models were announced at the show:

  • C118 - Bare bones, focused on battery life and basic functions like SMS.
  • C139 - Adds more style with a color screen, increased battery life and enhanced usability.
  • C168 - Builds on the feature set of the other two, and adds things like an FM radio.
  • C257/261 - Ultra-thin design with a basic feature set similar to the above handsets

These phones will be sold in countries such as like India, Nigeria, and Yemen starting at around $30. The phones are expected to ship early next year.