Memory Stick Micro latest in flash memory format wars

Sep 30 2005 - 06:17 AM ET | Data

SanDisk and Sony today showed off the latest in a seemingly never ending parade of flash memory formats--the Sony Memory Stick Micro. The format is meant to compete with microSD and MMCmicro which are both small enough to sit on top of a penny with room to spare. SanDisk says the size of Memory Stick Micro is about 1/4 that of Memory Stick Duo.

Technically the sizes of all three formats are:

  • Memory Stick Micro - 15 × 12.5 × 1.2 mm
  • microSD - 11mm x 15mm x 1mm (smallest overall)
  • MMCmicro - 12×14×1.1mm

Interestingly enough SanDisk says the theoretical maximum capacity for Memory Stick Micro is an astounding 32GB. No word on what sizes they will ship in when the product line launches during the first half of 2006.