Sonic the Hedgehog debuts on Verizon Wireless

Dec 21 2005 - 01:43 PM ET | Backpage, Verizon Wireless

SEGA's Sonic the Hedgehog game is now available through Verizon Wireless the two companies announced today. Verizon Wireless is the first US carrier to pick up the game. The classic game first debuted 15 years ago with the SEGA Genesis console. Sonic Mobile is supposed to be a pretty close port of the original, though without some of the bonus levels.

The average cell phone today packs much more power than the original SEGA Genesis, it only sported a 7MHz processor.

Verizon Wireless Get It Now customers can purchase and download Sonic The Hedgehog from the getGAMES shopping aisle in the Get It Now virtual store for $3.49 monthly access or $7.99 for unlimited use purchase.