Sony Ericsson launches two music accessories

Jan 04 2006 - 08:51 PM ET | Accessories, Backpage, CES, Sony Ericsson

Sony MDS-60CES 2006 - Sony Ericsson debuted two new accessories for its Walkman branded phones (including the freshly announced W810i). Both make it easy for you to listen to music from your phone without headphones, they just vary in portability and sound quality.

Portable Speakers MPS-60

Made to be portable, the MDS-60 measures just 30×55×42mm. Because it's designed to be used on the go, the MPS-60 is actually powered by the phone. Sony Ericsson noted that the power drain is similar to what the internal speaker or included earbuds would draw. The speaker unit comes in three color schemes: gray, white and orange/silver. MSRP is $39.99 and it should arrive in the second quarter.

Music Desk Stand MDS-60

The MDS-60 is defined by high-quality sound output, but it still fits in a relatively small package (54×120×200mm). It's made to sit on your desk, but can also take batteries in case you want to use it somewhere with no access to a power outlet. The MDS-60 comes in two colors: silver and white/orange. MSRP is $99.99 and is expected to launch in the second quarter.

(The MDS-60 is shown at right.)