Sprint to stream extended Burger King ad

Jan 20 2006 - 02:57 PM ET | Backpage, Sprint Nextel

Burger King has teamed up with Sprint Nextel to stream an extended version of its big Super Bowl ad to Sprint PCS subscribers. In addition to airing on mobile phones, Burger King will make it available to iPod owners and show it in movie theaters.

The ad is an over-the-top production in the spirit of MGM's 1930s musicals: 92 "Whopperettes" dressed as burgers, flames, pickles, lettuce and tomatoes will sing and dance to new lyrics for the famous "Have it Your Way" jingle.

Sprint Video subscribers that have opted in to Sprint's text messages will receive a promo approximately thirty minutes after the ad aired pointing to the channel where it can be viewed. The extended version should run about 2 minutes.

We mentioned video ads on cell phones just this week, though this on demand approach wasn't exactly what the article talked about.