Cingular to test DiBom DVB-H tech

Feb 07 2006 - 06:54 PM ET | 3G, Data

DiBcom told RedHerring in an interview that Cingular Wireless will test out its DVB-H based mobile TV technology. DVB-H is not the only mobile TV standard around, but it does have one major boost--Nokia is backing it. The N92 will be Nokia's first DVB-H compatible handset.

While Cingular wouldn't comment on its trials, DiBcom wasn't shy:

Cingular just finished building the lab to test the chips in PDAs. The carrier will then test the chips in laptops and then in cell phones, said [DiBcom] spokesperson Agnes Hu, in an email.

There are already several mobile TV standards in the works and it looks like each national US carrier may choose its own. Verizon Wireless is going ahead with MediaFLO and Sprint Nextel looks to be going towards TDtv. Current implementations simply stream the video data to each user over existing data networks and are not true broadcast mobile TV services.

As far as a DVB-H network, upstart Modeo (formally called Crown Castle) is working on building one. They have not announced any carrier partners.