Sprint Family Locator, new LBS service

Apr 13 2006 - 10:05 AM ET | Sprint Nextel

Sprint Nextel launched another new location based service (LBS), Family Locator. As the name suggests, Sprint Family Locator is designed to let families keep tabs on eachothers whereabouts. With the new service parents can use either a phone or PC to pinpoint the location of a child. The location is given on a map with the nearest address and surrounding landmarks along with the accuracy of the location.

The app also includes the ability for a parent to be notified when the child reaches a destination (school for example). Each time the handset is located it shows a text message letting the user know that it has been tracked to ensure "open communication".

Family Locator costs $9.99 per month and can be used at that price level to track up to four handsets.