Palm Treo 680 announced

Oct 12 2006 - 05:01 PM ET | Palm

palm treo 680
As expected, Palm has introduced the Treo 680. The 680 targets lower end customers than Palm's other Treo models, but still keeps the classic design that has changed little since the introduction of the original Handspring models (with the addition of multiple colors). Feature wise it's almost identical to the 650 which was announced two years ago. The most noteworthy additions for the 680 are an internal antenna, twice the memory and some minor software tweaks.

Features of the Treo 680 include

  • Quad-band GSM plus EDGE
  • 320×320 screen
  • 64MB user available memory, plus memory card slot
  • Bluetooth 1.2
  • VGA camera

Carrier availability and pricing information is expected within the quarter. Because it is targeting consumers instead of business users, pricing should come in at the lower-end for a smart phone (the new T-Mobile Dash runs for $199, expect the Treo 680 to be priced similarly). Since the 680 is a GSM handset, the possible US carriers are Cingular and T-Mobile.